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Viagra Alternative: Natural Male Enhancement

Viagra Alternative: Natural Male Enhancement

Is there a Viagra alternative for natural male enhancement? When Viagra was introduced to the public in 1998, it was the first oral treatment approved to treat erectile dysfunction. Since then, it has earned the moniker “little blue pill” and has gone on to become one of the most widely-prescribed drugs in the world. This is not surprising since Viagra (generic name sildenafil) offers an easy solution to a problem that has frustrated men since times immemorial.

However, since the introduction of sildenafil decades ago, the market for ED drugs has been flooded with various prescription Viagra alternatives. The little blue pill is no longer the only game in town for impotence treatment.

Conversely, beyond prescription oral medications, in which there are now many viable ED oral prescription medications, a growing number of non-medical lifestyle products are on the market as Viagra alternatives for natural male enhancement. These have appeared everywhere. 

“Buyer beware” many of these are marketed to the public without FDA clearance or medical approval, these products are typically, but not always, targeting younger men who may or may not actually have ED. And “Viagra alternatives” sold in this way are suggested by promoters “at a minimum” to be a means of improved sexual prowess.

The lines between proven medical treatments for erectile dysfunction and lifestyle products really became blurry after 1997. This is when the FDA  allowed the pharmaceutical industry to market drugs directly to consumers (DTC) through television and other forms of media. As a result not only are we bombarded by pharmaceutical companies with legitimate medical treatments while watching every sporting event under the sun, lifestyle product advertisements ranging from herbal remedies and vitamin supplements have rapidly begun curing ED (these statements have not been reviewed by the FDA) and looking very similar to FDA approved drugs.

Many well-crafted marketing campaigns are purposely designed to give vitamins and nutraceutical products the appearance of proven FDA reviewed medical therapies, confusing right.  Here is the good news! Clinically proven FDA registered/approved medical treatments that are viable Viagra Alternatives for men who desire to treat erectile dysfunction are available. 

Proven alternatives are penile injections, urethral suppositories, penis pumps, or penile implants.  Each of these treatments requires a prescription or direct interaction with your physician. Except for penis pumps!  The FDA made these devices available without a prescription in 1997 due to a low level of user risk to consumers by medical-grade vacuum erection devices. 

This is now potentially confusing because in 2019 some devices are manufactured to medical standards and some are not. All while the FDA has a vast number of internal medical devices (higher user risk and priority) in which they are responsible for oversight. So a $ 25 dollar sex toy looks like a medical device and users get what they pay for.  Unfortunately, men often dismiss a viable medical treatment category as ineffective by attempting to get positive results by treating ED with a sex toy.

In truth, this wide choice of alternative ED treatments is obviously good news. Especially for men who cannot or do not want to take Viagra and are looking for more natural, effective treatment choices to help with their ED.

How Do Oral ED Treatments Work

Erectile dysfunction makes sexual intercourse challenging or outright impossible. What causes ED? There are a number of physical and psychological factors that can lead to an inability to obtain strong erections. Various risk factors contribute to ED, including treatment with certain medications. The positive is that for the vast majority of men the condition is completely treatable.

Viagra (sildenafil) belongs to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. It is perhaps the best-known oral medication for erectile dysfunction. Other PDE5 inhibitors such as vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), avanafil (Stendra), and tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis) have a similar mechanism of action. These oral erectile dysfunction treatments work by enhancing the levels of nitric oxide. This is a chemical that relaxes the muscles in the penis and allows blood to flow into the organ, thereby making it erect. PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra do not work without sexual stimulation. They also do not provide instant results and make take up to an hour to become effective. The effects of these drugs may last anywhere from 4 to 36 hours.

Some men desire an alternative to Viagra because the medication is contraindicated for them. Example… men with heart conditions are frequently treated with a class of drugs called nitrates. The combination of nitrates and PDE5 inhibitors is not recommended because it can lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure. For others, the lack of spontaneity with the use of oral ED drugs is a deal-breaker.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

With changing lifestyles and an aging American population, the number of men affected by erectile dysfunction has been steadily increasing. According to the findings of the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, about 52 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old suffer from at least some degree of ED. This means every second American male above the age of 40 has an unsatisfactory sex life.

While oral ED drugs have been a boon for many men, these medications do not always work. It is important to work with your physician on any ED treatment. The information in this article is intended only as general information and does not constitute medical advice. This said, sometimes varying the dose of the medication or providing counseling on its appropriate use may solve the problem.

However, some men fail to respond to Viagra and other drugs in its class despite optimal use. In fact, some sources suggest that non-responders to Viagra are quite likely to be unresponsive to Cialis and Levitra as well. In some users, PDE5 inhibitors may cause unexpected and intolerable side effects. In others, drugs like Viagra are not suitable because of dangerous interactions with other medications the person is taking. Fortunately, other treatments are available when ED drugs don’t work.

In fact, the large number of men dealing with erection problems and the various health conditions they experience has driven the development of newer therapies. Over time, treatments for erectile dysfunction have evolved and improved. Today, there are more options for ED treatment than ever before. These therapies allow men to find effective and healthier alternatives to Viagra. Primary care physicians and urologists have new research and studies on ED treatment to rely on and identify the one that best fits the needs of a particular person.

Viagra Alternatives for ED

Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also have other specific health conditions that make them unsuitable candidates for Viagra. For example, in the presence of high blood pressure, it may be best to avoid oral ED drugs. The drug interactions and potential for complications with PDE5 inhibitors have created a demand for substitute therapies. Some of the Viagra alternatives for erectile dysfunction include:

Penile self-injections: A medication called alprostadil (Caverject) can be injected into the base of the penis. This treatment works fast (usually less than 10 minutes) since the drug enters the bloodstream directly. However, it involves sticking a needle into the penis which is a turn-off for some men. It can also lead to bruising and irritation of the surrounding area and carries a higher risk of priapism.

Intraurethral suppositories: A suppository is available under the brand name MUSE and it can be inserted directly into the urethra. It contains the same active ingredient as Caverject. This treatment may cause a burning sensation in the penis.

Vacuum erection devices: These are devices that mechanically simulate the natural male enhancement process. They are relatively easy to use, and with a little practice, can provide almost instant erections for up to 30 minutes. Penis pumps, as they are commonly called, are a safe and effective ED treatment with the least risk of side effects.

Penile implants: These consist of devices that are surgically placed inside the penis. They can either be inflatable or they may keep the penis firm at all times. This treatment is usually recommended to men who have failed other conservative measures for ED management.

How to See Quicker Results with ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction has a significant negative impact on a man’s quality of life. In addition to the physical effects, it is not unusual for men to suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of inadequate sexual performance. Oftentimes, men experiencing erectile dysfunction want a quick solution to their problem while still being as natural as possible and without risking their health.

While there are several ED treatments available, all of them do not show instant results for immediate sexual intercourse. Oral drugs, for example, may need pre-planning and frequently require a frustrating trial and error with timing. When it comes to having sex, what every man really wants is spontaneity and consistency. At that moment, you need something that’s effective and reliable. With a vacuum erection device, after a little practice, it is possible to achieve a strong erection consistently in a matter of minutes. This alternative to Viagra means you don’t need to wait for an hour to get results.

What’s even better is that penis pumps simulate the body’s natural erection mechanism. This makes them an excellent alternative to pills that can potentially put your health at risk. Vacuum pumps are the ED treatment associated with the least risk of side effects and complications. Penis pumps can be relied upon to consistently achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for satisfactory sex. These mechanical devices are suitable for almost everyone, including men with various other health conditions.

How to Stay Erect Longer Without Pills

In addition to therapies such as Viagra and vacuum erection devices, there are many different ways for someone to deal with their ED. Lifestyle changes top the list of natural treatments for erectile dysfunction. Although they are unlikely to provide instant results, better lifestyle choices can successfully reverse the problem in the long run. Regular exercise, quitting smoking, alcohol in moderation, and an overall healthier lifestyle to avoid obesity, diabetes, and heart disease can prevent or treat erectile dysfunction.

In addition to a focus on physical health, it’s important to be mindful of your mental health. Depression, anxiety, guilt, worry, and stress are all known psychological causes of ED. There are several healthy ways to manage stress in daily life, including meditation, yoga, hobbies, plenty of rest and sleep, and psychotherapy.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it’s important to see a doctor and find out what is really going on and what is causing the ED. Men don’t need to have sex to stay alive, and even though impotence isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can sometimes be an early warning sign of a more serious problem. Your physician may order some tests to investigate whether your problems with erections are an indicator of a bigger underlying health condition that requires treatment. Once a cause has been identified, you will be given several options including Viagra alternatives and methods of natural male enhancement.

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